18 September 2014

a day at the beach

The other day we went to the beach. I was very curious whether Annemay would enjoy it. Since the last time we went it took her about an hour to even touch the sand with her feet.
She loved it, plenty to see and she loves hanging out with the three of us. I have good hopes for out little upcoming holiday in Portugal :-).

We went to IJmuiden, takes us about 15 minutes by car.  Its a smaller cosier beach and not so crowded as Zandvoort or Bloemendaal. And there is a playground in the beginning of the beach, which is perfect for (little)kids.

1 September 2014

Rainy days equals baking cookies

Now my little girl is getting bigger is has become more fun doing things with her because there are more things to do :-). She understands more and loves to do stuff with me. Mostly she loves dancing with mum and dad and wrestling with us. Every day you see changes. A new word, new things she does, things she understands, I am amazed and happy to see them.  Also saying lets go home, or even a sentence with the word home, she will start waving to everyone and gets all excited. Have to be careful saying this word when I am somewhere else, because she will grab her chance and  gets frustrated when we do not go.

Yesterday was a rainy day so I decided to bake cookies with her, the healthy kind, more or less ;-) a variation to the ducth "sandcookies". (butter, flower and sugar). We made cookies with spelt flour, coconut blossom sugar, coconut rasped and butter (was out of coconut oil). They did not turn out bad, a bit burned, so I need to alter the time and heat somewhat next time. She had fun, mostly by eating the cookie dough, However it entertained her for 15 minutes. I call that a success!

25 August 2014

Come back

I keep on saying the same, I am back. But then I lack inspiration and do not post.
But I am gonna give it another go :-)

Trying hard to figure out what I should do with my blog. Which direction I shall take. Its been a rollercoaster since I became a mum to a beautiful energetic little girl. I also wanna change the layout, so I have some serious thinking to do. I would like to write again because I love to, not because I have to. I would like this to be my outlet, my inspiration, my joy and something I love to do again.

x Julie & Annemay

13 February 2014

Kloo Booso

Sometimes you come across a brand for kids clothing and you wish they would come in Adult Sizes. Seriously! I actually emailed them asking if they would make adult size clothing and yes, this summer they will have some in adult size. I cannot wait!

I bought 2 pieces for Annemay and I would love to buy more. Check their website here.

My absolute favourite, this vest. I would live in it!